kokosovy, olej, muka, cukor


What is it?

Schoko is our very own mixture of high-fat cacao powder, coconut sugar, vanilla beans, ceylon cinnamon powder and sea salt (every ingredient is in organic quality).

When we were developing this mixture, we were looking for an excellent tasting balance between the sweetness of the coconut sugar and the bitterness from the cacao powder, therefore we asked a friend of us (an excellent chef with the experience from michelin starred restaurants) to help us.

kokosovy, olej, muka, cukor
kokosovy, olej, muka, cukor

Schoko can be used as:

- an ingredient for baking (you can try switching up pure cacao powder with Schoko, or try using it as a sprinkle for any cocoa-based cake). Baking Schoko fully develops its intense, vanilla flavour.
- cocoa milk drink (mix one tablespoon (15g) of Schoko with warm, dairy or plant-based milk)
- flavouring for various foods (yoghurt / pancakes / oatmeal, etc. - Schoko melts very easily on warm food)
Nutritional information

Schoko is packed with minerals and vitamins, thanks to the coconut sugar. It also contains very valuable, healthy fats, coming from the high-fat cocoa powder that we source from Switzerland. Also, because the only sweetener that we use is pure coconut sugar, our product is also suitable for diabetics.