kokosovy, olej, muka, cukor


What is it?

Coconut flour is a secondary product from the coconut flesh pressing process (first one being the coconut oil). Our Organic Virgin Coconut Flour is cold-pressed – it is obtained from the same coconut as our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Our coconut flour is not further treated – it is not bleached and contains no additives - it is 100% pure and is from the 1st press only.
kokosovy, olej, muka, cukor

The coconut flour is exceptionally pleasant – its taste is similiar to vanilla. Its sweetness is not too strong, and so it can also be used in savoury pastry aswell. When mixed with conventional flour, it helps to create a healthy and fluffy cake / bread. Coconut flour absorbs more water than usual flour, so be careful when replacing the conventional wheat flour in recipes other than our own - it is possible that you may have to increase the amount of water specified in the recipe.
Nutritional information

The main virtue of coconut flour is its high fibre content – there is up to 39 grams of fibre per 100g of KOSPA coconut flour.
Coconut flour is also gluten-free and is a very good source of lauric acid - healthy fat with positive effects on the human body. Lauric acid supports the immune system and improves skin health; this substance is also abundantly found in breast milk.